IoT to the rescue, how LoRaWAN saved me €95

Apparently, in The Netherlands it is not permitted to park a camper for more than 3 consecutive days on the street. Too bad I didn’t know and received a €95 fine.

Fortunately, as I’m working in IoT there’s (of course) an abundance of sensors installed in my van: temperature, humidity, battery voltage, door open/closed, PIR and GPS. All connected to The Things Network using LoRaWAN.

I retrieved the GPS data (I’m using BROWAN’s object locator) and it turned out that I used my van the day before receiving the fine but unfortunately parked it again at the exact same spot.

I filed an objection report and included a public link to a Datacake dashboard which contained the GPS data of the three days prior to receiving the fine. Here’s the link:

Still awaiting the decision whether the fine gets waved. Fingers crossed 🤞

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