Some jellyfish live forever,
What about your community?

Hello! I’m Laurens, I build successful communities. I’ve spent the past years building the community behind one of the world’s largest IoT networks. Together with a great team, we managed to build a community of 150 000 developers and created one of The Netherlands’ biggest Open Source projects.

I’m available to share my experience with building thriving communities and running successful events.
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Technology is the way towards a sustainable future. To solve today’s challenges, we need more developers, developers, developers.


(Virtual) Tech Events

With experiences of running events up to 1500 physical and 5000 virtual visitors, we can support you with running high-quality events with a personal touch. Let's talk about management, organization or production of physical, hybrid and virtual events.

Community Building

Bring people together and emphasize their common motives to keep them actively engaged with your brand.

Think about growing your reach by initiating ambassador groups, running a Forum to reduce the number of support queries, involving users with bug reporting, reducing the churn rate by increasing the developer experience or increasing user’s engagement by launching certification programs.

Developer Relations

Engage with your developers to ensure longevity of your brand. Invest in the relationship with your users, support them with enhancing their skills and provide the tools to make them flourish using your technology.


I'm open to work, let's talk